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AndreaCare - innovative care products for women and men!

The AndreaCare line was introduced with AndreaCare Intim Care Ointment. It maintains, protects and relieves dryness and increases the resistance of the intimate skin of woman and man.

AndreaCare Lipstick and AndreaCare Lipstick SPF 30 maintain the lips in a pleasant and gentle way. Without or with sun protection factor.

The latest product of the line is AndreaCare Striae Care Cream. It prevents stretch marks and cares for stressed skin.

AndreaCare Striae
New cream for your belly!
AndreaCare Intim soothing ointment
without perfume

AndreaCare Lipstick
Für angenehm gepflegte Lippen.
AndreaCare Lipstick SPF30
Für angenehm gepflegte Lippen mit Schutzfaktor 30

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